from July to December

kiteboarding courses

10 hours (3 days)

+ accomodation + breakfast + dinner / 250 €

all equipment included


+55 85 8516 1741

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Our school offers kiteboarding courses in Brazil. In 2007, we built a kiteboarding center in Cumbuco village (close to the world-famous Fortaleza resort), which offers ideal conditions for the sport: wide, fine sandy beaches, a shallow lagoon, stabile daily wind from August till December; it all helps us to offer high-quality and quick progress in kiteboarding.

We provide kiteboarding courses in Cumbuco from August till December. Top kiteboarders from all over the world come to this place every year to practice in ideal conditions and step ahead of those who have not found the place yet. Some say the trade blowing every day in here is as exact as a Swiss watch. This place, with its 29ºC ocean, vast sandy beaches, low prices, hospitality, and chocolate scent of smiling local girls can truly be called a kiteboarding paradise.

Kiteboarding courses Brazil - Cumbuco:

Kiteboarding skola v Brazili

Kite news

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Do you want to learn waveriding? Brazil offers you kilometres of waves which you can ride downwind till you can and vuelves with bus that costs nearly nothing...
After kite Holiday in Brazil you would need some days off to addapt to a normal life.
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In Cumbuco you can find kilometres of beaches where you can enjoy kitesurfing.
Change the boring autumn for sunny Brazil with long beaches and kitesurfing.
The first pictures are here... Holiday in Brazil is a great experience... We are here for you till the end of the year.
Kite Holiday Brazil

Our Kite school offers:
1 day course ( 3 hours), accomodation + half board - 99 euro

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